Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amp with green tea by Nolan

See my little fragrance thing on the right,lol.

Taste-It says green tea with yuzu,I don't know what that is exactly with I think it tastes like lemon lime slice with grapefruit.Amp green tea has a fresh crisp taste with moderate sweetness with is surprising cuz of the HFCS but I wouldn't say it beats slaps.


Buzz-20 mgs niacin.2 mgs vit.B6.10 mgs pantothenic acid.40 mgs phosphorus.350 mgs beta alenine.148 mgs taurine.124 mgs gaurana(nice)78 mgs caffeine.63 mgs maltidextrin and 17 mgs ginseng.The only good thing about amps are the great amount of gaurana.But this does have a decent amount of anti-oxidants from the green tea,I'm surprised.


Total amount of mgs-852

Over all rating-7/10