Saturday, April 7, 2012

Drank: Island Time

I really love these drinks. I wish they were more readily available. I found this one in St. Luis. Purple drank really worked for me so I'm putting this one to the test.

Taste- Many wouldn't like it at all but if you take it and try to enjoy the unique flavor its alright. It goes with this kind of drink for sure, not too sugary and "pop" like. It actually reminds me of drinking flowers. Which are indeed in this drink. If you drink it after eating something its a little better, kind of brings a creamy finishing taste.And the drink isn't cherry or anything just because the cans red. That can always trick your mind.


Sluzz- I got back from a intense workout about 45 minuets ago, ate a high protein meal and had this in the middle so I was still halfway pumped from working out but starting chill mode. Perfect time to put this to the test. It has Valerian root, rose hips and melatonin. I know for a fact all three of those work great, especially melatonin because its the actual chemical in your brain that puts you to sleep (too bad there is only 1 mgs of it and you need about 10 for any kind of results). Also 100% of all your b vitamins? Who knows why, that should be in a energy drink. But anyways this drink is like a drug to me, I feel like I will pass out if I finish it. It doesn't show enough ingredients to work. Maybe they put something illegal that they don't list but I'm about to crash right after this review. I don't want to but I have to give it a 10. Dont drink this and drive!


Over all rating-8/10

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  1. Ha ha I like your blog and your review of Drank. Unfortunately I can't seem to find where I live in Phoenix.