Friday, March 15, 2013

Kickstar: Orange Citrus

Mountain Dew has been letting me down the past couple years. Ever since the world of warcraft drinks came out they haven't really done anything new.

Taste-Just livewire mixed with a splash white grape juice and orange juice. Like I said with the fruit punch, the juice just ruins it. I do like this one a little better though. Only because you cant taste the juice as much. They use orange juice to flavor livewire anyway.. Kinda. One thing I should mention is these are only 80 calories so Im just hattin. These arnt bad at all for 80 carlies.


Buzz-What do we have to wake you up in the morning? Only 80% of your vitamins B6, B3, B12 and C? Yes they wont even make it 100. But we also have 92 mgs caffeine. I can work with that, its like a red bull and a sip extra. But yeah.. I crave a lot more. My enlarged heart is not satisfied, haha.


Over all rating-5/10


  1. Hi! Do you know BigShock! ? It's Czech energy drink :) ;) I am collector too...I am from Czech republic... ;)