Saturday, September 15, 2012

U force: Cherry Limeade - Sugar Free

Hello folks! I'm out in the lovely Denver Colorado once again and of course I found some new drinks! I'm writing this review in the hotel lobby as fast as I can because I have to leave in 20 minuets to go to pikes peak. But I have a VERY awesome review for you next so look out!

Taste- I remember the original that I had got here a couple years ago and it was my favorite one. This one is pretty similar except for the fact that it has an old factory taste along with it. I had mine over ice which made it a lot better. I recommend that for any sugar free drink, drink it over ice and it wont be as bad.


Buzz- I don't have the can with me but I remember what it was. Just your average amount of the four B vitamins.


Over all rating-3.75/10

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