Monday, October 12, 2009

Fever:mango banana

very expensive 4 dollars per can, but i can say that when a energy drink is 4 dollars you are getting your moneys worth.

Taste-What can I say mango and banana flavors, delicious combination. Real juice is used and its very rich but very enjoyable.


Buzz-Gives you the feeling of love but you have to have it at the right time for the effect. Don't be active just sit down and enjoy it. No amount of ingredients but they are all listed with definitions and I know it works because you can feel it. Euphoria and antioxodant ingridients. Forcasimade, glycaria, trillgnol, pfaffia panlculata martiua knux, claro huasca and damlana leaf. Energy ingridients. gaurana and ginseng.


Over all rating-9.25/10

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