Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mountain dew:typhoon

Ive been waiting for mountain dew to do this again and once I heard it was official I was jumping up and down with my fellow dew fan. We actually got this and white out two weeks before it hit shelves in Illinois.

Taste-When you compare every mountain dew made this would defiantly be at the top. Its like a carbonated fruit punch mountain dew style! So flavorful and juicy! GOD I love mountain dew!


Buzz-You just have your regular 54 mgs of caffeine like a regular can of dew.


Over all rating-5.25/10


  1. Have you tried THiNQ yet? THiNQ http://thinqdrink.com ...I would like to see you review THiNQ drink next!

  2. man, this mountain dew is disgusting. its a half assed carbonated fruit punch. if you want a good carbonated fruit punch try tahitian treat. its soooo much better than this bullshit.

  3. I LOVE MTN DEW TYPHOON! This is by far the best flavor they have made!