Tuesday, July 28, 2009


YES YES YES!!! 6 NEW MONSTERS READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! And to start off the super monster countdown we will start with one of the 3 new x-presso flavors.Since I saw the three new nitrous drinks on edjunkies page I have been hunting these down like deer.So I was extremely bored so I decided to go on a bike ride to find them and the gas station that usually has the new drinks didn't have them so I went to a few other stores and about gave up hope,until I made one more stop and then found one just this one not the others.But oh well I will have them soon!

Taste-So all 6 new drinks have nitrous oxide in them which is a little scary.But just like import the espresso drinks come from the Netherlands and boy is it tasty.Best espresso Ive ever had its got just the right amount of foaminess (thanks to nitrous oxide) and it is creamy yet light and has a very smooth vanilla taste.Its basically perfect,and expensive at 2.65 per can!


Buzz-I don't know what gave me a better kick,finding this drink or the drink itself.30 mgs vit.C.1.7 mgs vit.B2.20 mgs vit.B3.2 mgs vit.B6.137 mgs calcium.93 mgs phosphorus.130 mgs potassium.1,000 mgs taurine.200 mgs ginseng and 2,500 mgs glucose,l-carnitine,caffeine,inositol,l-glucuronolactone,gaurana and maltidextrin.


Total amount of mgs-3,999.70

Over all rating-8.75/10


  1. correction,I guess theres only 4 new monsters.This espresso and 3 nitrous drinks

  2. I got my hands on the X-Presso Hammer, and it is awesome! The foamy-ness is just unbelievably good. Best Monster Energy drink, hands down.

  3. I love this dirnk as well.. every morning on the way into work!

  4. For something called "hammer" it's surprisingly smooth. I honestly freaked out when I popped the tab. It was kind of a scary sound... But I digress. I always use a cup and the visual effect was fantastic! The entire drink fizzes and forms a thick foam at the top that was almost tastier than the drink itself. A new favorite.

  5. Me knobber went through the roof of me car after a sip of the foam from the canned piss of the Gods. This shite is all goodness and blessed by thy Gods, the best coffee energy drink you can buy (or steal if your a jigga in me hood).

  6. 2/1.00 at Dollar Store, drink only one a day in the morning, can't sleep at night. The only thing I've really changed over the past few days is drinking this, and my eyes feel tired at 1 in the morning but my mind still is very awake. It's almost like this drink gives me an extra 2 hours to my day. I wake up feeling the same as I would getting more than 6 hours of sleep, usually when I get less than 6, I am completely miserable feeling, but not with this. PS I still shake the can, it tastes better, otherwise I can taste the taurine and ginseng, end up pouring out half the can.