Friday, September 28, 2012

Lean: Purp

Since I'm straight edge I feel bad for drinking this, sometimes I even do for energy drink in general. But this reminds me of something like spice you would find at a smoke shop. Shit sold under the counter that will still get you fucked up. I doubt this will work like that, but thats the market they're trying to shoot for. Why else give it this name.

Taste- Not as "syrupy" as I thought. Its actually really good but there is one thing killing it. The medicine after taste. At first its refreshing, then you get yummy grape that isn't too over flavorful or thick, then straight medicine. I Guess Ive had worse but it just ruined a grape drink for me that was half way decent.


Sluzz- Made with premium herbs discovered from scientist huh? You mean rose hips and valarien root? Or maybe something extra not listed in the ingredients? Once again I'm drinking one of these when I should be tired anyway, like now at 3:30 in the morning lol. But either way I'm pretty damn tired. This drink also has vitamin Bs but the amounts of everything is unlisted.


Over all rating- 6/10

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