Monday, November 16, 2009

Rip it:gin zing er

I FOUND IT!!! On my way home from visiting my pal Richie in Big Bend Wisconsin I had to take the biggest crap of my life, so I stopped at a Mobil and Mobil's never have shit so I didn't even think I should look but even tho I thought my colon was going to burst I did and the reward, this gem.

Taste-Before I opened I was thinking something like ginger ale, and well its not. Actually it kinda is its like a ginger ale amped up with a shit load of sugar. It would of been better if they kept the sugar down so you could taste more of the real flavors but nope its a rip it. Its kind of sickening like sting er mo but also kinda good at the same time. I defiantly wouldn't get this again with all the good rip it choices.


Buzz-Why call it gin zing er when theres barely any in there. 4 mgs ginseng. 8 mgs gaurana.101 mgs inositol. 85 mgs caffeine. 1016 mgs taurine. 6 mgs vitB12. 403 mgs folic acid. 2 mgs vitB6 and 60 mgs vitC.


Total amount of mgs-1,685

Over all rating-6.75/10

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