Friday, April 10, 2009

Blue Jeans Energy Drink review by Nick

This has got to be the coolest name ever. I mean every time you think of energy drinks, you think of blue jeans, right? Another cool thing is that this drink comes from the Netherlands.

- This one is NOT a red bull clone. It has a nice faint fruity flavor, kind like flavored water but much better due to the carbonation. Still, this is not the best tasting drink.
RATING - 6/10

Buzz - This blend is laughable. It has 37.5mg of cafffeine, that's equivalent to about one sip of traditional coffee! AND only 7mg of taurine, that's gotta be a joke. But, I gotta give them some credit because they talk about what each of their ingreidents does, this is somthing i've never seen on an energy drink before.
RATING - 0.5/10


1 comment:

  1. Blue Jeans Energy has 37.5mg caffeine per 100ml and Red Bull has 32mg caffeine per 100ml

    Taurine 400mg per 100ml the same as Red bull. Blue Jeans has just as much buzz as all the others!!But tastes and looks much better!