Monday, April 15, 2013

Xenergy: Lemonade - Pineapple

So now we see all these company's trying to copy monster and come out with something refreshing and hydrating that doesn't have any sugar. But the problem is they're all the same and they usually go for the lemonade tea flavor.

Taste-Not this time. Xyience gives us some lemonade with pineapple! How good does that sound? It goes down easy with no tart or weird feeling in your palate. But its also lacking a bit of flavor and I cant seem to taste the pineapple unfortunately. Maybe a bit in the after taste.


Buzz-All I know is we got 10 mgs of caffeine for every ounce so that means 160 per can and 100% rda niacin, 250% B6. 80% B12 and 500% pantothenic acid. Drank this in the morning when usually I do I can feel the buzz and its nice but this drink really didn't get me off my feet too well. But like Ive said before all our body's react different and that's why I also give you the energy ingredients and milla grams.


Over all rating-4.25/10

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