Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bungie:sugar free

What does this look like to you?

Taste-A red bull clone? Yes but not just any red bull clone this ones special. No not really, these red bull reviews are so short and boring I need to keep them interesting. Its sugar free and like most sugar free RB clones they are better than the actual red bull sugar free using sucralose to sweeten instead of ace-k. The drink smells like sweet vanilla but doesn't taste like it I'm afraid.


Buzz-HOLY CRAP this drink almost made my heart explode with energy!...not. 100% RDA niacin. 250% RDA vit.B6. 80% vit.B12 and 50% pantothenic acid.


Over all rating-3.5/10

1 comment:

  1. The red one is way better than the blue one but i drank one at 3:00 PM and stayed up till 3:00 AM and the night before i pulled an all nighter