Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ntrinsic:black pomegranate by Nolan

Hmm America whats better than doing something good for your body?Yes ruining it with taco bell,that's right!

Taste-Almost perfectly delicious.A nice bold black berry but the after taste of pomegranate ruins it with a bitter after taste.Do all these drinks have a bad after taste?But ok I guess you have to have the antioxidants from the pom. and of course good things have to taste bad.But that black berry taste is great and delish.


Buzz-100% RDA vit.b3,b6,b12 and b5.400 mgs yerba mate,140 mgs gaurana,120 mgs natural caffeine,50 mgs rooibos,50 mgs ginko biloba,25 mgs egcg.All natural ingridents I might add.


Over all rating-6.25/10

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