Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rip it: F bomb - Sugar free

Another thrown away can from the mother. Had to skate all the way back a different day and grab another. Hey that rhymed!

Taste- It tasted alright but it had kind of a filmy texture to it if you know what I mean. Like kind of slimey. Most of their sugar free drinks don't have that but instead kind of burn your throat.. (not good). I wish I could imagine what they use to flavor this because its sure not natural by any means.


Buzz- I wonder why all their drinks have slightly different amounts of energy ingredients. This one has 1010 mgs taurine. 89 mgs caffeine. 100 mgs inositol and 3 mgs gaurana. 2 mgs vitamin B6. 420 mgs folic acid. 10 mgs vitamin B12 and 60 mgs vitamin C.


Total amount of mgs-1689

Over all rating-4.75/10

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