Sunday, August 21, 2011

V fusion energy: Peach mango

Energy for the dumb founded.

Taste- I'm sure you guys have had peach mango V8 splash or fusion. That's what this is. Mostly mango accents with a slight hint of carrot juice at the end. It does have half of your daily value of fruits and veggies. That's a good enough reason right there to drink it and you really can only taste fruit juice although I'm no fanatic on boring ol' fruit juice.


Buzz- 100% rda vitamin C. 10% vitamin A and E. 30% Thiamin and riboflavin. 20% niacin. 40% vitamin B6 and 60% B12. 80 mgs caffeine from green tea. As much as a can of doctor pepper.


Over all rating- 4.25/10


  1. I noticed the Blog Top Sites Ranking. Looking good, you're 392 out of 2,193 Food & Drink Blogs. Top 18 percent.

  2. With the FRS I fell in love with the energy "juice" rather than the carbonated kickers I'm used to. So I rather enjoyed the V8 Vfusion Energy, but in no way did I ever get a since of energy from up. I enjoy the pomegranate blueberry flavor much more, just not worth the price if you're looking for an energy kick from an energy juice drink, stick to the real stuff or and FRS.